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Management Team

Staff Member
Mr. Daniel Wangael
Academic Coordinator

Masters in Community Economic Development
Bachelor of Education (Economics).

Meet Mr. Daniel Wangael, the dedicated Academic Coordinator of Arusha Meru International School, where education and student success are his driving passions.

With over fifteen years of invaluable experience in crafting and executing academic programs, he's an educational stalwart. His focus extends beyond students, offering unwavering support to both faculty and staff.

Mr. Daniel is renowned for his meticulous organization, attention to detail, and remarkable communication and interpersonal skills, making him a cornerstone in the school's leadership team.

His academic journey is equally impressive, holding a Master's in Community Economic Development and a Bachelor's degree in Education with a specialization in Economics.

Yet, Mr. Daniel's purpose goes beyond his professional accolades. His life's mission is to serve and inspire, nurturing talents, fostering creativity, and fueling innovation in the lives of those he touches.