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AMIS Sports Fiesta 2023: Where Champions Are Forged

The sun was high in the sky, the air was filled with excitement, and the grounds of Arusha Meru International School (AMIS) were transformed into a vibrant arena of competition. It was none other than the grand culmination of physical prowess and sportsmanship, the annual AMIS Sports Fiesta 2023.


Arusha Meru International School Honors Scholarship Winners!!

Arusha Meru International School was filled with pride and jubilation on Saturday, 30th September, as we celebrated and awarded our brightest talents who excelled in the Scholarship Test. It was a day of recognition and inspiration, marking the journey of these young minds towards a brighter future.


Celebrating India's Independence Day at Arusha Meru International School!

Join us this weekend (19th August) as we come together to commemorate a significant moment in history - India's Independence Day! Arusha Meru International School is proud to host a lively and colorful event that pays tribute to the remarkable journey of India towards freedom.


Unforgettable Adventure: Explore the Beauty of Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge

Embark on an exhilarating day trip to Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of nature. Enjoy a range of thrilling activities, from swimming and horse riding to zip-lining and hiking. Experience the serenity of the lodge, surrounded by lush forests and stunning views. Unforgettable memories await!


Brushes Unleashed: Join Our Spectacular Drawing and Painting Competition

Unleash your creativity and showcase your artistic talent at our thrilling Drawing and Painting Competition. Express yourself through colors, lines, and shapes as you compete with fellow artists. With exciting themes and expert judges, this is your chance to make your mark in the world of art. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!